Hi everybody!

Last week, I showed you how to build the bricks in the inn’s walls. But something important was still missing: the baseboard … Today, it is done!


Generally, I have a lot of way to do my job, with a wide array of tools. An important aspect of my job is to define what tool – amongst them all – I should use to save time, without losing quality. It’s a real head-scratcher.

Substance Designer, I choose you!

I like that tool, and I really wanted to include it in my current workflow.

On top of that, it’s the perfect occasion to show you another methodology process : the procedural texturing. = )

What is a procedural texture?


Before any explanation, we need to address some terminology first:

Material: A material defines the optical properties of an 3D object: its color and whether it is dull or shiny. A texture is a pattern that breaks up the uniform appearance of the material. … Note that textures have to be attached to materials to affect objects, you cannot apply a texture to an object without a material. (Wikibook)

And what is procedural texturing, specifically?

In a few words: It’s a node-based way to create textures! (A node being a type of image processing.)

It is really practical, in the sense the modification you bring to an object are not definitive – you’re able to change what you have done very easily. It’s very powerful and has a lot of advantages.

Substance Designer


Pattern nodes


Step by step: Pattern creation


Some textures created with Substance Designer


Ok now, we have our tileable material! Let’s create the 3D model of the baseboard! = )


I created the UV’s of this 3D model and outfitted it to the tileable material.


And to finish, I adapted the 3D model baseboard to match with walls.


And that’s it!

I love this workflow! Quite simple and fast to boot.

I’m not satisfied by the current state of the “rock pattern” but, thanks to the node-based workflow, I’ll be able to modify it later very easily! = )


Thanks to following this project, I am very happy with your feedback. It is important to me. = )

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See you ! = )