Hi everybody !

Structure of the inn from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 3D Fanart is finished! Now let’s create the first indoor object of the scene: Stairs = )

Why start by this? Because in my opinion, it is the most iconic object of the scene.




As you can see, I tried to make the worn/rough wood at the steps, and  the ramps more cleaner.

Visually, I wanted to give a waxed look… This patina that we find very often in Irish bar.

To give this aspect, I cheated a little bit: I put some “Metalness” in the material.

Though it is not physically correct, it doesn’t matter that much : it still does the job !






The workflow was very easy: I sculpted each pieces separately, and assembled them (Like a piece of furniture from IKEA.)

On the reference picture, you can see white bands on steps… What could it be?


My first interpretation was that it was “painted” stripes on the stairs. But after looking a bit more closely, I found it looked more like some kind of armature..

It’s pixel art! And sometimes it is not very easy to understand what original developers wanted to represent – there is a job of interpretation involved here.


The most difficult part to me was to keep the cartoon art style for this object… And sometimes, doing simple becomes more complicated!

An other render here (In Marmoset Toolbag 3):



Also, I posted last week a 3D viewer of stairs on my Facebook page Yurie:

– FFTA2 3D Fanart – The stairs


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Have a nice week, and thursday don’t forget my new timelapse about stairs creation !


Cheers ! = )